C & A Distributors

Pulltabs and bingo distributor in Fairbanks

For all your pull-tab and bingo supply needs call C&A Distributors at (907)455-6166. 
Proudly serving Fairbanks for over 70 years.

Pull tabs

We primarily sell pulltabs to nonprofit state approved permittees, MBPS, and state approved and licensed operators. If you represent a nonprofit, charity or fraternity that is looking to fund your organization with pulltab revenue I would be glad to answer any questions you might have. We also sell Pulltab Point of Sale Systems, Counting scales and receipt printers. All pulltab sales require a valid state permit. Point of sale and other accessories do not require a permit to be sold. If you are a bar or restaurant and are interested in having pulltabs inside your venue I am available to answer any questions you might have.


C&A Distributors is a proud supplier of bingo supplies for Fairbanks. If you’re looking for bingo cards, Daubers, or other Bingo equipment come visit us for all your bingo needs. We also handle Electronic Bingo machines. If you are opening a bingo hall and would like to Use Electronic Bingo we can help.
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